T & C'S

Our Prices Assume A Reasonable Condition and Temperament.

Additional charges will apply for the extra time in grooming neglected coats, in-particular those which require shaving.

A non refundable deposit of £15 is required before we can book your appointment.

Aggressive dogs are not accepted.

We promote Responsible Dog Ownership - therefore we do not de-matt neglected coats. This is very different to removing small knots, tangles and isolated matted hair from the coat which can be achieved quickly without causing anxiety, stress or pain.

The health and condition of a dogs coat and skin are the responsibility of the owner (along with its physical state of health.) - Professional grooming plays an important role in the commitment undertaken when choosing any breed of dog. This level of commitment is evident in the condition of the coat due to effective home grooming and temperament due to socialisation & training.

Final Price - This will be determined taking all factors into consideration. A well cared for pet which is maintained in a reasonable condition between grooming appointments and exhibits normal behaviour is usually the price shown on our Price List.  All dogs are assessed and priced individually as an on-going basis. If we cannot safely complete your dog within the guidelines of the animal welfare act 2006 due to behaviour, aggressive or otherwise, we will call you to let you know.  Fee’s will apply.

48 hours Cancellation Notice is required - This will enable us to fill your appointment.

No Shows/Missed Appointments - without 24 hours notice will incur a fee of £15.00 payable at your next appointment.

Arriving 15 minutes late or more for appointments  - will in most cases require re-scheduling and a missed appointment fee of £10.00 will apply.

Appointment times -  We kindly request that you arrive at the time of your appointment and collect your pet at a reasonable time. Once 30 minutes has elapsed after the arranged collection a £10 charge per hour will be added to the final price unless previously arranged. This is to discourage pets being left for extended periods.

Clipping Off due to a neglected severely matted coat - Please note that clipping off is not part of our general grooming services and cases will be assessed on an individual basis. If after careful consideration for your pet’s welfare that this can be best achieved in the salon environment we will discuss the procedure and cost.

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